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Surge in Investor Visas

According to figures recently released by the UKBA, the number of Tier 1 Investor Visas issued over the last 12 months, has dramatically increased. Visas issued to Chinese citizens jumped from 95 to 171, for Americans from 19 to 66 and for Russians from 99 to 125, according to a Freedom of Information Request.


Update on Business Visitors to the UK

In recent weeks, we have some evidence that Immigration Officers have been cracking down on Business Visitors entering the UK. Moreover, they are targeting non-visa nationals, for example US citizens or Canadian nationals who do not need visas to enter the UK to visit, whether for business or leisure.  Some clients are being detained at airports for lengthy periods of time and some are then sent back on a plane.


Changes to the Law of Defamation

The Defamation Act 2013 came into force on 1 January 2014. Amongst other things, the new law introduces a new “serious harm” threshold for a claim to be brought, gives better protection to website operators and seeks to address “libel tourism”.


Intermediary Companies as Employer vs. Employee Status

HM Revenue and Customs has issued a consultation on proposed changes to the tax system in order to tackle “pretend” self-employment. This is the use of employment businesses and intermediary companies to present employment situations as self-employment. The proposed changes are intended to come into force in April 2014.


Changes to the Immigration Rules

The UK Government has today announced changes to the Immigration Rules to make things a little easier to visit the UK from certain countries and to get a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepeneur) Visa.