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Background checks – what an employer can and cannot do

Employers are experiencing more and more requests from their clients to ensure they have carried out certain types of background checks on their workforce.


New EU Online Dispute Resolution platform 

From 15 February 2016, the EU Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) platform will come into operation for businesses and consumers. It is intended to allow consumers and traders to settle online disputes without the need to go to the time and trouble of court proceedings.

All EU businesses that sell goods or services online to EU consumers must provide a link on their websites to the EU ODR platform.


Case Update: Document validly executed when signing director left office between signature and completion

The High Court has found that a company debenture signed by its sole director and the company secretary but not completed for three months by which time the director had left office was validly completed.


Case Update: M&S not entitled to refund of rent paid in advance covering a period after a break date

The Supreme Court has handed down its eagerly awaited judgment regarding the refund of rents paid covering a period after a lease break and the implication of terms into a contract.


European Court of Human Rights holds that employer's reading of employee's private messages at work is lawful

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that an employer was within its rights to sack a Romanian engineer after discovering that he had used a work Yahoo messaging account to correspond with his fiancée.